Upper Canada Corporate Massage
Providing therapeutic massage for the purpose
of reducing stress in the workplace

Why Massage?

Therapeutic massage can provide direct and effective relief from the effects of stress.

Studies at the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine show "...Job stress is one of the leading problems resulting in lost productivity, decreased corporate profits, and an increase in workers' compensation claims."

TRI has documented the positive effects of massage therapy on job performance and stress reduction at the university. They found that 15 minute seated massages resulted in a decrease in stress in the workplace and a significant increase in productivity.

What are the benefits of seated massage?

- More relaxed and productive staff (due to the immediate change of        pace experienced by the employee)

- Decreased risk of accident

- Increased alertness

- Improve morale at the workplace

- Demonstrates the employer's commitment to the health and well being   of the employee

- Enhances a first class corporate image following the utilization of    the massage service.

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